Gearing Up

I always embrace the freshness that comes with January.  After the whirlwind of the holidays and a much needed winter break full of relaxation, I am usually a bit antsy to get back to a focused schedule.

As part of my “gearing up” I  try to make time to organize the many notes, resources and clippings that have accumulated and tend to clutter my office. Different interests, industries and ideas get sorted so they are easy to find and reference when needed. I clean up, clear out and prioritize pursuits.

If public relations is an ambition you hope to pursue in 2011, then let me suggest creating a PR binder as way to outline the next steps to achieving this goal.

Take a two inch, three ring binder, tab dividers and start these categories:

  • Pitch Angle Ideas
  • Calendar
  • Potential Media Outlets
  • Press materials / press kit
  • Contact Log
  • Clips & Media Tracker
  • Industry Research

Start brainstorming, compiling and drafting your thoughts in each area. With a little effort you can pull together a variety of options and get a better perspective on where to focus your outreach efforts. The binder helps you gather of all the pieces needed for success.

Here is to a new year, new month and a new day to strive for your goals,