Benefits of Publicity

You have a solid website and clear marketing materials and you feel good about your order/fulfillment process. You are interested in exploring the possibilities of publicity for your product, service or even for yourself.


Positive media attention is the main goal of publicity. Publicists go about gaining this attention by reaching out to editors and journalists with fact based press materials and newsworthy story angles. There are many opportunities for you and your business to catch the spotlight.

A well placed publicity “hit” has many benefits:

  • Keeps you “top of mind” with your target market
  • Increases your credibility
  • Increases “word of mouth” buzz
  • Builds your brand and increases company equity
  • Strengthens vendor relationships
  • Creates opportunities to reconnect with past clients
  • Becomes memorable
  • Contributes to a media “snowball effect”

Of course, there are some pitfalls of this marketing tactic too. The most obvious is that you have no control over a story, how you will be depicted or timing of when it will run. Don’t let this discourage you; more often than not a quality company with valuable offerings has more to risk by not pursuing media outreach.

Looking forward in your marketing plan, consider publicity; leverage your interesting story to build awareness and drive sales!