“The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists and topples with strong winds.”
-Japanese Proverb

We will all experience periods of transformation. These stages stretch comfort zones through changes to different realms of life: interpersonal, physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual. Whether or not they are expected or desired they are a part of life and with the challenges encountered also come many rewards.

Even if you consider yourself a pretty balanced person, a strong gust of change can quickly test your skills! Sometimes new commitments vie for attention while historic demands pull you in different directions. It is at these times we have the chance to reflect and reorganize priorities – it is good to mix it up!

If you are finding yourself in a similar season, of growth and change, I encourage you to stay strong! Try to keep the 3,000 foot view perspective while plugging away on your daily baby step tasks. Recalibrate and focus on chipping away at your goals and you will eventually reveal the glimmering rewards that come with them.