Fond memories can be a powerful driver of future sales. There are many products, services and dining establishments that have  successfully  leveraged this fact.

While “nostalgic sales” are very real, they shouldn’t be taken for granted. Companies should understand the keystones of what keeps the customer coming back, (and maintain consistency  in those areas),  but they should also be constantly on the lookout for reaching new buyers and streamlining the overall business.

Staying connected with current patrons is really important, but so is building the relationship with people who may not be as familiar with you.  The next generation is growing up and new neighbors are moving in, extend a hand to welcome these “outsiders”. Be eager to put your best foot forward and share your wonders.

Big brands will occasionally tap into the past, last year Pepsi and General Mills both pushed a “throwback” campaign, bringing back vintage logos and artwork. More recently Target featured old fashioned toys that I am sure hit a note with baby boomers. Major corporations maximize this asset, and you can too – just realize it is only one piece of the puzzle.